Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The tree outside my window is coated with ice but the streets don't look so bad. Regardless, I've declared a snow day. And while snow days don't really exist in medical school because they simply mean another day to study and make up lectures from home, I am doing my best to make it feel like a snow day.

Study fort!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Tonight's forecast is for 3/4" of ice. While my last post might have raved about my love of snow, ice is completely different. Actually, as a figure skating enthusiast, I particularly love ice, but not when it falls from the sky. My car had an ice armor coating when I reached the parking lot after a long day of school. This is about to be one of those weeks. My closet is looking something like this:
Not pretty. It doesn't help that the largest wall of the closet faces the outside so after being shut all day I can practically see my breath when I venture through the mess in the morning. Not exactly the sort of conditions that would encourage one to clean up. And because all that dirty laundry is just laying around, my clean socks stash has left me looking like this:
Which brings us of course to my desk, where I live. Really, I eat here, I study here, I do my nails here, and you can tell just from the reflection in my netbook:
And while I could take the next 24 hours of ice storms and clean... our exam is less than two weeks away which means, major crunch time!